Fall 2014 Practice Times Announced


Welcome back (or just welcome!) to Tech. We hope your first week has gone well.
Fall practice times have been announced, so clear your schedules and GET PUMPED!

Tuesdays 6pm – 8pm
Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm
Location: SAC Fields (Turf fields next to the CRC)

Bring water, cleats if you have them (sneakers if you don’t), and a desire to have fun!
So bring your friends. All of them.

See you Tuesday!

Some Big Checks from Alex Trebek at the Big Payback

This past weekend was a great way to start the fall semester. What happened, you ask? Tribe and Wreck combined forces to create the ultimate Ultimate team: What is Trebek’s Mustache? You see, Tribe + Wreck = Trebek. And what could possibly be better than the mustache of Alex Trebek himself?

Alex, we’ll take Winning for $1000. (And by winning I mean winning at being awesome.)

The tournament was in Augusta, Georgia. Trebek placed 5th among 17 teams (breaking seed!) and 1st place in best photoshoots (see below for proof).

MVP of the weekend went to Prerana Malla for always being open and pretty much catching everything that came her way. Plays of the Day, awarded on Sunday, went to Cate Woodhurst, for an incredible catch with three others also going for the disc, and Taylor Hartman, for an endzone D with two other opposing players. Also, general awesomeness to Lex for going ham all day erryday and getting a D on the first pass off the pull. Thanks to Johnny for coaching and Lily Ponitz, who organized this whole shin-dig.

Also, shout out to the car that had such a good bonding experience on the way back that they drove past Atlanta and didn’t realize it until 20 minutes away from the Alabama border. So much love.




Wreck Welcomes New Faces!

Wreck wants to welcome everyone back to Tech! We are excited to meet all of the ladies that showed interest in us this year at our first practice on Tuesday, August 27! Look for our email in your inbox for the next week!
Haven’t signed up for our mailing list to receive practice schedules and updates? Follow this link and submit your information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OcN2b8hkm5O_VZ3plFtvlMdFJMtGWFvUVY8p3vs2I2M/viewform


Hello all!

Player Profiles

I’m happy to announce that Player Profiles are currently in the works!

These profiles will contain information on each member of the team, along with (hopefully) a picture.

Officer Positions

Also, congratulations to everybody who acquired positions for next year. They are as follows:

Captains: Lily, Cate, Maria
Vice President: Donnya
Treasurer: Taylor
Co-social chairs: Mercedes and Ashley
Fundraising Chair: Xenia
Co-conditioning captains: Lily and Maria
Webmaster: Julia
Video Editor: Julia and Taylor
Recruitment Committee: Cate and Taylor

As a reminder, Cate Woodhurst is next year’s President (as current VP becomes President the following year), and our lovely coaches Maddy Frey and Alison Douglas will be returning as well.

Region Nominations

Lastly, congratulations to everybody who got nominated for the Southeast region!

D-1 All Region Nominations:

Cassandra Hadad
Leah Tsinajinnie
Maria Linebaugh
Sandhya Srivatsan
Xenia Strosnider

All Freshman Nominations:

Ashley Brown
Julia Ting
Taylor Hartman

Coach of the Year Nominations:

Madeleine Frey
Alison Douglas