Helluva Hat Tournament

Greetings and salutations!

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here… believe me I’ve been busy. A recent development that’s kept me kinda busy is the hat tournament we hosted on Jan 20th, right here at the Institute!

Over 50 Tech ladies congregated to have fun, burn some energy, and get out in the ~perfect weather~ this weekend. We had enough players to make 6 teams, named after the 6 elements

okay, initially there were 4 teams so there were 4 elements and it made sense, but then we had so many people sign up (what a great problem to have) that I made 2 more teams and so the 5th and 6th elements are metal and ether. I tried lol.

The winner of the tournament, with a perfect record was team Earth, and team Fire won the spirit prize with their energy and friendliness.


What a group <3

Thank you to everyone that came out and played, as well as the Wreckies that helped set it up. Everyone contributed to the success!


Panorama of the games!


Meet the Rookie: Hannah Paterson

Number: 99?
Fave Ulti Moment: “practicing layouts by slip and sliding through the mud”
Useless Talent: Her High DPM (Dabs Per Minute)
Always Watching: Animal Vids
Is Alright At: Boiling Water
Hannah is a silly goose. She’d trade a kidney for the ability to sing or dance, and is passionate about a lot of things, but especially the Biomedical Engineering field where she aims to save the world one medical device at a time. As an outdoors-y type from Massachusetts, she can be found backpacking. As an avid Techie, she can be found snuggling her Buzz pillow pet (lmao). As a Wreckie, she can be found happily chatting on the sidelines and zooming all over the field for the friz-b.

Meet the Rookie: Ally Nastasi

Number: 59
Celebrity Crush: Zac Efron
At Tournaments She’ll Be: Running Around Making Sick Plays, And Occasionally Tripping (But Honestly That’s Most Of Us)
Like some Wreckies, Ally came to us from the sport of swimming, which taught her a lot about grit, hard work, and grace, but to my knowledge doesn’t involve flying plastic. Since making the switch, Ally has blown us away with her athleticism and her charming personality. If she were a fruit she’s be a cucumber.

Meet the Rookie: Gleymi Hernandez

aka: Gleyms
Number: 65
Spirit Animal: Heather Song
Always See Her: Learning
Never See Her: Flustered
Major: Neuroscience
Gleymi is our little mellow pumpkin. From making guacamole, to admitting that a hermit crab would play her in the movie of her life, Gleymi is super chill and cool. Her infinite wisdom is exemplified in this quote she told me: “Small goods make big change”

Meet the Rookie: Maya Neal

Number: 42
Catch Her Sippin: Smoothies
Catch Her Baking: Banana Walnut Bread
Catch Her Doing: Origami
MayaThis little nug is Maya Neal, a Chinese born star from Savannah, GA. She’s sweet and juicy as a watermelon, and you’ll always see her smiling in pursuit of frisbee. Although this is her first year playing frisbee, she’s got quite a list of accomplishments already, and we can’t wait to see her reach for higher!

Meet the Rookie: Camille Bossut

aka: Camie
Number: 7
Major: Computer Sci(engineering)nce
Appreciates: Ginger Ale and Rookie Layouts
This Cali babe is Camille, a first year with a passion for art and math. When she’s not coding, Cami can be found baking and running into things. Although she claims to be a little bit frisbee confused, Camille always is cool, collected, and having fun on the field! She also claims to make better crepes than I, but I doubt it…. Get ready for a crepe-off ;)

Meet the Rookie: Innia Macasieb

aka: Nia, In-ya-face
Number: 36
Can Be Found: Writing Music!
Cannot Be Found… (getting lost is her signature move)
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Like her fave villain Hades (shout out to the best Disney movie Hercules), Innia is ON FIRE! From making fruit pizza (wt heck is that?), to jamming out to Dancing Queen, Innia is a unique snowflake with a lot of spirit! Her fire can be seen on the field as she learns from the returners and off the field as she strives to be a meme.

Meet the Rookie: Genevieve Brandt

Name: Genevieve Brandt
Aka: Vieves, Geeves, Vievester, GV, Vive (as in Vive La France)
Number: 87
Currently Mastering: Bioinformatics *ooolala*
Previously At: Pacific Lutheran University


A masters student with an excellent attitude for life, Vieves is a stellar addition to the Wreck family. This is evident in her chasing every disc, her halftime dance parties, but also in her offering soup to sad souls, and making sure everyone can enjoy the joys of the sport. We’re so lucky to have her!

We Came, We Warmed Up, We Dodged a Hurricane

Thanks to Nate, Gulf Coast Warm Up 2017 was slightly abridged, but that didn’t stop Wreck from coming out en masse to play some frisball!

With 2 teams, we were able to get everyone a lot of playing time and that meant that everyone improved from the first game to the last game — rookies and returners alike!

While there was a lot of wind, and quite a few doinks, both teams’ focus on intensity was evident in the fact that every player gave it their all — even in hard-cap points that lasted 20 minutes and when numbers were dwindling. Wreck brought out our FUNdamentals, and from throwing some zoney-zone, to working on deep cuts/clears, players of all levels of experience practiced some new concepts.

During the bye, our rookies competed in the rookie olympics. Unfortunately, both teams finished last, but they got some good practice for Luminous (Moonlight Invite?) where hopefully we’ll take the gold!

In short, after a stellar performance vs Hurricane Nate, I’m super excited to see what the rest of Wreck’s season looks like!!!


Ps, ask Alli about her naked lap ;)


Ah, another summer, another set of FASET!

My name is Danae Argyropoulou and I run this blog, so feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions about frisbee or Wreck. A little bit about me: I am a 3rd year Wreckie (and 3rd year Techie at that), and also the Vice President of the club. I started playing frisbee in college and am super glad I did. For more information see the below post about what I love about Wreck.

Maybe you (like I) stumbled upon Wreck at FASET and thought “woah that sounds kinda fun” or you (like others) have been playing frisbee for longer than I’ve known it existed and are looking to continue to kick a$$ at it. Either way, Wreck is a place for you to grow, get fit, gain some skills, and find a family of smart, strong, and dedicated women that will constantly inspire you and which I’m proud to be a part of.

If you didn’t get onto the mailing list at FASET (or aren’t a freshman – you’re still welcome here!), you can email Jenny Choi (jennychoi@gatech.edu), Teja Huggins (thuggins@gatech.edu), or Becca Xiao (rxiao35@gatech.edu) to get added to the list.

Can’t wait to see you guys out there!