Meet the Rookie: Camille Bossut

aka: Camie
Number: 7
Major: Computer Sci(engineering)nce
Appreciates: Ginger Ale and Rookie Layouts
This Cali babe is Camille, a first year with a passion for art and math. When she’s not coding, Cami can be found baking and running into things. Although she claims to be a little bit frisbee confused, Camille always is cool, collected, and having fun on the field! She also claims to make better crepes than I, but I doubt it…. Get ready for a crepe-off ;)


Meet the Rookie: Innia Macasieb

aka: Nia, In-ya-face
Number: 36
Can Be Found: Writing Music!
Cannot Be Found… (getting lost is her signature move)
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Like her fave villain Hades (shout out to the best Disney movie Hercules), Innia is ON FIRE! From making fruit pizza (wt heck is that?), to jamming out to Dancing Queen, Innia is a unique snowflake with a lot of spirit! Her fire can be seen on the field as she learns from the returners and off the field as she strives to be a meme.

Meet the Rookie: Genevieve Brandt

Name: Genevieve Brandt
Aka: Vieves, Geeves, Vievester, GV, Vive (as in Vive La France)
Number: 87
Currently Mastering: Bioinformatics *ooolala*
Previously At: Pacific Lutheran University


A masters student with an excellent attitude for life, Vieves is a stellar addition to the Wreck family. This is evident in her chasing every disc, her halftime dance parties, but also in her offering soup to sad souls, and making sure everyone can enjoy the joys of the sport. We’re so lucky to have her!

We Came, We Warmed Up, We Dodged a Hurricane

Thanks to Nate, Gulf Coast Warm Up 2017 was slightly abridged, but that didn’t stop Wreck from coming out en masse to play some frisball!

With 2 teams, we were able to get everyone a lot of playing time and that meant that everyone improved from the first game to the last game — rookies and returners alike!

While there was a lot of wind, and quite a few doinks, both teams’ focus on intensity was evident in the fact that every player gave it their all — even in hard-cap points that lasted 20 minutes and when numbers were dwindling. Wreck brought out our FUNdamentals, and from throwing some zoney-zone, to working on deep cuts/clears, players of all levels of experience practiced some new concepts.

During the bye, our rookies competed in the rookie olympics. Unfortunately, both teams finished last, but they got some good practice for Luminous (Moonlight Invite?) where hopefully we’ll take the gold!

In short, after a stellar performance vs Hurricane Nate, I’m super excited to see what the rest of Wreck’s season looks like!!!


Ps, ask Alli about her naked lap ;)


Ah, another summer, another set of FASET!

My name is Danae Argyropoulou and I run this blog, so feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions about frisbee or Wreck. A little bit about me: I am a 3rd year Wreckie (and 3rd year Techie at that), and also the Vice President of the club. I started playing frisbee in college and am super glad I did. For more information see the below post about what I love about Wreck.

Maybe you (like I) stumbled upon Wreck at FASET and thought “woah that sounds kinda fun” or you (like others) have been playing frisbee for longer than I’ve known it existed and are looking to continue to kick a$$ at it. Either way, Wreck is a place for you to grow, get fit, gain some skills, and find a family of smart, strong, and dedicated women that will constantly inspire you and which I’m proud to be a part of.

If you didn’t get onto the mailing list at FASET (or aren’t a freshman – you’re still welcome here!), you can email Jenny Choi (, Teja Huggins (, or Becca Xiao ( to get added to the list.

Can’t wait to see you guys out there!


Four and a Half Reasons Why

I’ve put this off for the longest time, because it’s not easy to put into words all the things I’ve been feeling since Regionals. Regionals was a weird tournament for me, because our seniors graduated that Saturday, so many of them attended the ceremony. Playing without some of the seniors was rough. It was sad not to have their voices on the sideline, their presence on the field, or their experience in the games. We, nonetheless, played very well on Saturday, taking 2nd in our pool—by playing some especially stellar games against UCF and Auburn. Sunday, with all of our seniors, we played Kennesaw first, and then lost to Florida State in a super close game, which put us in the third place bracket to play Auburn again. Although we lost this rematch, we left Regionals in 4th place, and with our heads held high.

There are a number of reasons that this tournament was different for me. Yes, it was the last tournament that I would play with 9 of our players, but that’s not what made it so emotional for me. This tournament was special for me because it was the culmination of my favorite year in sports. I’m gonna tell you why (because I can–I run this blog).

Tape 1: Ms. Madeleine Frey

Perhaps many of you know Maddy, or have read the short (outdated) piece about her on this website, but if you have ever even talked to coach Maddy, you’ll understand why she is the best coach in the country – if not the world. I have never met a friendlier, more patient, more composed, and more engaging person in my entire life, all of which are key qualities of a coach and a friend. When you talk to Maddy, you quickly find that she cares deeply about every player on the field; she notices the little things you do and praises you in a genuine way that inspires all of us to do little things correct. Wrapping up 2 years with Maddy, I can only begin to imagine how the seniors must feel as they leave an incredible woman, although they know that the team is certainly in good hands.

Tape 2: Team

I had never really been on a team before. I danced, and played tennis and that’s the extent of my physical activity before Wreck. These two years being on Wreck have been incredibly rewarding in the teammates I’ve had. These strong, fierce women have truly inspired me to work hard on the field and in the gym to be a valuable part of the whole. I have revamped my personal definition of team to match what I have found in Wreck. Like a school of fish moving through the water, we are a unit, and we move and win together. We are most successful, and most graceful, when we’re all working together and I find that truly beautiful.

Tape 3: Sisters

I’d love to tell you about each player on this team individually and what they mean to me, but this blog post would be a novel and I’d have to call it 33 reasons why. I will however tell you about the sisterhood as a whole. As a member of a sorority, I have seen sisterhood, and forgive me Srat Gods, but Wreck is the truest sisterhood I’ve ever experienced. From hugs to midnight banana bread, Wreckies gives so much. The love we have for each other can’t be described; from ACL tears to concussions, we’ve stood together and cried and laughed and put each other first. Wreck is encouraging (although not without some sass), supportive, and as clichéd as it is: always there for you. Furthermore, Wreckies are the older sisters (even if they’re younger) that I constantly look up to and set a shining example for me and for the world. We’re researchers, students, and artists. We code, we build, we solve. We’re smart, we’re cool, and we have excellent taste in footwear. We excel in all that we do. Hell yeah these women inspire me, as they inspire the rest of the world too.

Tape 4: Competition

I’m going to quote Maddy’s definition of competition: “to strive for excellence in personal or team efforts, aiming to consistently perform at the highest level possible” which is, in my opinion, the noblest of pursuits. In Wreck, I have truly found a place where every day I am trying to get better, and 33 other women are there right with me, regardless of their current skill level. Despite my many dropped Frisbees, my graceless rolls, and my frequent confusion, I have accomplished so much in my two years on Wreck, and I am proud of what I have done, a sentiment I am confident that most (if not all) Wreckies share. I am always competing with myself to be better than I was yesterday, and I am glad that I have found the perfect environment to do that.

Tape 4.5: Advice from a still-noob

I made a highlight reel for myself. It’s not long, but it’s exciting to watch. I think everyone should make a highlight reel, because often at the end of a tournament you remember the drops, the times you got beaten deep or under, but in hindsight you see all the cool things you did. I think it really helped me see how much progress I’ve made, and I promise you’ll surprise yourself. At the end of last year, had I seen this video, I would not have recognized me.

To finish up this blog post, I want to thank you for reading this far, and hope you understand why I love Wreck. I’ll leave you with a fun fact before I take the summer off (until Wreck-ruitment that is!): T. rex is often bullied for its “small arms” but in a conservative estimate, scientists say the bicep alone could curl 430 pounds. Rawr.

Senior Spotlight: Momma Bear

Name: Briana Grant (Bri, Bribri, Brian, Baramadus)
Number: 27
Superpower: Obtaining Free Food
Current Employer: US Air Force
(Former) Major: Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
Often Seen With: Food, and Madeleyne
Unfortunate Talent: Losing at Card Games
Favorite white person: Taylor (with coach Maddy as a  
       close 2nd)
Bri is a kind, sweet lady -- unless you mess with a 
Wreckie. She's always there for a sister, in times of
need, for a hug or to defend you from the idiots of the
world. She's a huge presence for everyone on the team,
even the freshmen, despite being a 5th year, and everyone
agrees that the team would not be as much of a family 
without Bri to be our momma bear. On the field, Bri is 
often seen streaking deep (sometimes with an enthusiastic 
roar calling for the disc), and playing shut-down D. Bri 
has graduated, and we're so proud of her for surviving 
the Institute for as long as she has! You'll see her 
flying high in her bright future!

Player Spotlight: The Hip One

Name: Ushma Patel (aka Ushy, Ush, Squishy, Sushi)
Number: 6
Previously Played With: Kennesaw State University
Make her happy with: Triple grande iced soy latte 
      with 2 pumps of vanilla
Fave Tournament Moment: Singing the fight song!
You'll always see her: whipping 
This is Ushma. Her signature move is: "The version 
of whip I do where I jump up and clap under my legs 
four times then hit that whip smoothly". You'll find
her singing, dancing, and screaming on the sideline
all of which make Wreck a better team. Ushma is well
known for her monster flicks, and her stellar
wardrobe. Ushma just finished her third year as a 
Business major, and her Wrookie year!!!

Senior Spotlight: Oh Captain, My Captain

Name: Bridget Nabb (aka BNabbs, BNabby, etc.)
Number: 13
Superpower:"The Mingle" which is a really cool 
    dance you've probably heard of 
Unique Talent: Ukulele 
Oddly attached to: an extendable back scratcher
Meet Captain Bridget, a wild dancer and an even
wilder cutter. You'll see her darting around 
her defender for sick plays and layout everywhere
for wild grabs. BNabbs is also a renowned defender
and she can always be relied upon in defensive
situations, whether it's a handblock, or a down-
field D. Bridget is a senior BME staying with 
Wreck for a 5th year! Bridget is going to change
the world: with her BME degree and/or by 
inventing a fun party game. Watch out!

Player Spotlight: The Confused One

Name: Emma Pettit
Number: 15
Superpower: Catching the other team's throws
Personal Struggle: Keeping her hair out of the way
Major: Chemical Engineering
Ask her about: The Cockroach Incident
Unique Talent: Knitting Dinosaurs
This is Emma. Emma does this thing where she looks 
super confused every time she catches the disc. 
Often, as she catches her D's, she'll look at the 
thrower like "You know I'm not on your team, right?"
Emma is our biggest deep threat. Her defender will
blink and Emma will be 40 yards ahead about to catch
the disc in the endzone. She will then look 
uncomfortable as we smother her with our love, 
especially Esme who persistently asks for Emma's hand
in marriage. Emma refuses. Catch her at Waffle House,
because you won't catch her on the field!