Sectionals was April 22nd and 23rd in Statesboro, GA; this blog is a bit behind, but better late than never, am I right?

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Back to the main story though: Wreck took second place in the pool play on Saturday, losing only to UGA in a super tough game. Well played UGA, but you best believe we’re coming for ya ;)

Sunday saw Wreck cinch our spot at regionals with victories against Emory and GCSU and take 2nd spot at Sectionals in a hard-fought game against Kennesaw. Superstars from both days were Emma for laying out (with perfect form too, it’s like she’s been practicing or something), Pam for her numerous D’s and for giving it her all 100% of the time, and Bridget for simply always being there for a nifty grab or an intelligent D. But in actuality, everyone on the team had numerous superstar moments (*cough* Calladana, Maye’s hea(D), Jenny’s breakthrows).


We forgot to take a team pic, so here is a majestic grab by Cappie Bridget.


Catch us at Regionals on May 6th and 7th in the great state of Alabama!


Player Spotlight: The Most Playful

Name: Esmé Ruengvivatpant (aka Kitten, Es)
Number: 55
Superpower: Bouncing
Unique Talent: Calligraphy
Roommates: Maria aka Sneaky Sneaky, Danae aka Sin-ergy,
    McKayla aka Iron Woman
Spirit Animal: The Cutest Kitty You Can Imagine
Height: 4'10" with added 2' personality


Say a warm "meow" to Ms. Esme, one of Wreck's handlers 
with years of ultimate experience under her belt despite
being a 2nd year at the Institute. You often see Esme
jumping up and dabbing on the sideline and in real life.
Esme took a Buzzfeed quiz on cheese and it turns out that
her spirit cheese is Brie. We all know what that means...
Watch out in tournaments, because Esme will deafen you 
with her team spirit and steam-roll you with her affection.
When she's not playing the sport, Esme is probably 
sleeping or making Emma uncomfortable.

Player Spotlight: The Space Cadet

Name: Megan Yang (aka LJ)
Number: 17
Superpower: Super Fast Running (á la the Dash)
Find Her: Eating or Sleeping
Major: Computer Science
Unassuming and cheery, you wouldn't think that Megan Yang is 
the ultimate threat she is. She always knows what she's 
doing, and makes gorgeous cuts for huge yardage and then
throws beautiful continues. Off the field, Megan is such a
sweetie! Smiling and being the best ever. Catch her cute 
butt at the gym, or in the College of Computing where she
can be found doing hard-as-f math, beating people's butts 
at Catan, and generally being a boss.

Player Spotlight: The Designer

Name: Danae Argyropoulou (aka Ducky, DNA)
Number: 24
From: Alabama
Jobs: Graphic Designer, Lab Assistant, Full Time Student, 
  Hellenic Society Exec, Tour Guide Captain, BME Mentorship 
  Exec, Web Designer, Curl Tamer
Unique Talent: Photo Critiquing
Spirit Animal: Snow Leopard


Hi, this is me! I'm officially 20, as of April 2. At tournaments, 
you're likely to see me sprinting down the field off the 
pull and peppering people that know what they're doing with 
questions on the sidelines. When I'm not playing ultimate, I'm 
either eating, sleeping, or lifting heavy things at the gym. 
As a BME, I aim to become a medical superhero and fight 
disease in my lab coat (remember, no capes!). More fun facts 
about me: I'm tri-lingual, squat 205lbs, and have 2 tattoos. 

Player Spotlight: 2 cool 4 skool

Name: Brita McAuliffe (aka B)
Number: 19
Superpower: Giving Smiles
Memorable Moments: Inspiring "Be Like B" Positivity in the 
     Last Game of a Long Tournament Day
Signature Move: Loving Life
Not To Be Confused With: Her Twinsie up North
B is so cool. She has such a positive attitude towards
life. She loves frisbee so much, and plays with all her
heart, and it really shows cuz she rocks the field. 
Although from rainy Seattle, she is a bright ray of
sunshine. If her life was a movie, Kevin Hart would 
play her, and would mainly eat, sleep, and play

Senior Spotlight: The Funnest

Name: Ashley Brown (aka Trashley)
Number: 12
Plays: Handler
Superpower: Pulling into their endzone
Special Talents: Captaining
Unique Fact: has Double-Jointed Thumbs


Meet Ashley Brown, our main handler, with a mean backhand 
break-throw and a burning passion for the sport of ultimate. 
Although she is out with an ACL injury, Ashley is still one
of our beloved captains, and a huge treasure trove of knowledge
for the team. The team agrees that Ashley is a dominant 
force on the field--especially when paired with team twinsie 
Julia Ting--and a lot of fun off the field. Ashley commands 
respect in many areas: in the game, in the kitchen, and on 
the dance floor. We're gonna miss her beautiful self when 
she graduates in the spring with a degree in Mechanical 
Engineering (∞ respect).

Player Spotlight: The “Scary” One

Name: Jennifer Yu (aka Dora the Injured Explorer, Jen)
Number: 33
Superpower: Them Hucks
Team Twinsie: Allison Wong
Signature Move: Risky IOs
Pet Peeves: Brookwood Boys
Happy Place: Crisp Morning Throwing of Tournament Days
Like her favorite supervillain Loki, Jen isn't actually all 
that scary, and she and Tom Hiddleston are super cute. Jen 
is known for scaring the rookies, and being a solid solid
handler. Teammates love Jen's dedication and sweet throws, 
but wish she would take better care of herself. No disc is 
uncatchable for Jen. At tournaments, you can find her on the 
ground--either from laying out, or being tired from giving 
it her all every single game. Catch her in the awesome 
remake of Top Gun where she flies everywhere catching discs 
to the tune of Danger Zone. Watch out Tom Cruise.

Player Spotlight: The Funniest

Name: Sam Loop (aka Sloop, Samela, Spam)
Number: 64
From: New Jersey
Superpower: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Unique Talent: Speaks Italian (mamma mia!)
Joined Wreck: Fall 2015


Sam brings the experience of an NPR reporter to our twitter 
and the fire of a thousand suns to our field. You always 
see her outrunning her defender or getting glorious Ds out 
of nowhere. Her teammates call her hilarious, inspirational, 
and entertaining. When not playing frisbee, Sam is likely to 
be slaying bad-guys with her bomb-ass cookies, risking it all 
for the perfect forbidden gym selfie, or doing math that I 
probably wouldn't understand. Keep an eye out for the the 
upcoming Hollywood blockbuster of her life Lam Soop, starring 
Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular queen.

Player Spotlight: The Weird One

Name: Kylie Cordova
Number: 10
Superpower: Making Cute Noises
Often Found: Eating Kiwis Whole
Position: Cutter
Unique Talent: Horse Riding
From: Florida
Say hello to my rookie friend. Kylie is a little weird bundle
of joy and that's why I love her so much. From eating things
in strange ways to the interesting squeaks she makes when 
uncomfortable (or randomly) Kylie brings a giggle to the
team. You can find Kylie looking confused at practice, or 
hanging out with buddy Teja who lovingly-picks-on her, much
to our amusement.

Senior Spotlight: The Calmest, Coolest, and Most Collected-est

Name: Kelsey Tjen
Number: 11
Catch Her Sipping: Lemonade!
Frisbae: Madeleyne 
Immune To: Failure 
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Spirit Animal: Phoenix
Nothing phases Ms. Kelsey Tjen, and she's such a solid 
member of Wreck. From being a super fire and calm 
offensive handler, to being a huge knowledge resource on
the sidelines, Kelsey helps bring order to the world. With
her and bae Madeleyne back from injury-land, expect handler 
lines that dreams are made of. When she graduates in Spring 
2017, Kelsey's going to use her BME degree to revolutionize 
personalized medicine. Atta girl!